WELCOME to Kit´s Blog WELCOME to the website of KIT BATTEN. I am the author of a number of books on Maps and Mapping, especially of Devon, my place of birth.  Start here for an overview of all the blogs in these pages - simply click the title: Latest Blog Updates: NOW FINISHED Tourist Maps of Devon   - My latest project. T he on-line version with a complete listing of tourist and folding maps to 1901 with details of the people behind them -  has now been updated and completed. NEW Article - August 2023 Magna Britannia: Robert Morden and Thomas Cox - Many collectors of old maps have a copy of the smaller Morden map and a complete text on the county. This article covers the intricate publication of these text sheets which were often sold separately to any atlas and with the map. NEW Article - July 2023 Mary Wyatt of Torquay and her Seaweeds - Mary Wyatt accompanied the noted marine algae expert, Amelia Griffiths, but became a noted expert herself and published books of pressed, drie