WELCOME to Kit´s Blog WELCOME to the website of KIT BATTEN. I am the author of a number of books on Maps and Mapping, especially of Devon, my place of birth.  Start here for an overview of all the blogs in these pages - simply click the title: Latest Blog Updates: NEW Article - September 2022 Edward Cockrem and the Durnford Sisters (The Alphington Ponies) - a look at the life and work of Edward Cockrem and the story of the Durnford Sisters. Includes an overview of the life and works of this important Torquay publisher; the story of the Durnford Sisters (The Alphington Ponies); an overview of Torquay publishers Croydon and Elliott, and a look at the Strand between 1830 and 1870. Devon View Books - I have posted a number of books and booklets of views including Besley, Harwood and Rock & Co. A number of Edward Croydon´s works have been added. Recently updated (December 2022): John Hayman´s two maps of Exeter 1805 and 1806 - In 1805 John Hayman of Exeter drew one map of Exeter wh